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Kenneth C Free, MBA, RRP, CMHS

Business Damages, Hospitality, Hotel and Restaurant, Real Estate, Real Estate Development Business Interruption Damages, Casino and Gaming Industry, Construction Lending, Cruise Lines, Franchising, Hotel Security, Hotels, Lost Income, Lost Profits, Premises Liability, Property Management, Real Estate Development, Resorts, Slip & Falls, Standard of Care, Timesharing, Wrongful Death Connecticut […]

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Andrew Shedlin, BA, JD, CRX, SCLS, SCSM

Franchise, Mall Real Estate, Real Estate, Real Estate Development, Real Estate Leasing, Shopping Center Airports/Airlines, Commercial Real Estate, Franchise/Franchising, Landlord Disputes, Lease Enforcement, Lease Interpretation, Leasing, Mall Real Estate, Premises Liability, Real Estate Leasing, Retail Real Estate, Retail Store Design, Shopping Center Development, Shopping Center Management, Shopping Center Redevelopment, Slip Trip and Fall, Tenant Disputes […]

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