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Timothy C. Egan, SPHR

Employment, Human Resources, Medical Management Background Checks, Collective Bargaining Agreements, Documentation & Discipline, Drug Testing, Employee Relations, FMLA ADA WC, Hiring, HR Healthcare and Hospitals, Human Resources, Investigations, Labor Relations, Performance Evaluations, Sexual Harassment, Terminations, Union Avoidance, Workplace Violence Texas […]

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Brian H. Kleiner PhD, MBA

Employment, Human Resources, Workplace Safety ADA Discrimination, Age Discrimination, Americans With Disabilities Act, Automotive, Banking, Business, Business Organization, Business Strategy, Civil Rights, Communications, Compensation (Employment), Compensation Disputes, Disabled Discrimination, Discrimination, Employee Hiring Negligence, Employee Safety, Employment, Employment Discrimination, Employment Termination, ERISA, FMLA, Harassment, Hotel, Human Resources, Investigation, Management, Negligence In Hiring/Supervision, Negligent Hiring, OSHA, OSHA […]

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