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Bentley Nettles

Alcohol Services, Dram Shop, Hotel & Restaurant Alcohol Regulatory Compliance, Alcohol Seller/Server Training, Bar, Drunk Driving, Injury, Intoxication, Investigations, Liability, Liquor Delivery Driver Training, Liquor Liability, Nightclub, Restaurant, Retail Texas […]

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Gary Coburn

Business Operations, Hotel & Restaurant Accounting, ADA, Alcohol, Burns, Choking, Commercial Kitchen, Conceptual Feasibility, Customer Injuries, Dram Shop, Employee Safety, Equipment Design. Food Safety, Franchise, Industry Standards Policy and Procedures and Foreseeability of Harm, Investing, Loss of Income, Management, Negligent Security, Operations, OSHA, Ownership, Permitting, Premises Liability, Procedures, Restaurant and Hospitality, Restaurant Operations, Restaurant Standard […]

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