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Danny Dukes, CPA, MBA, CFE

Banking, Financial, Forensic Accounting, Fraud, Fraud Investigation Accounting, Areas of Expertise, ATMs, Bank Fraud, Bank Fraud Investigations, Banking, Business Acquisitions, Business Interruption, Business Organization, Business Strategy, Cash Management, Check Kiting, Check Processing / Check 21, Claims Analysis, Commercial Litigation, Commercial Real Estate, Compliance Reviews, Computer, Computer Crime, Computer Failure, Computer Forensics, Construction, Credit Reporting, Credit […]

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Greg Litster

Financial, Fraud Banking, Business, Check Fraud, Cyber Crime, Document Analysis, Document Examination, Documents, Embezzlement, Embezzlement Accounting Investigation, Finance, Forensic Document Examination, Forged and Altered Checks, Forgery, Fraud Investigation, Fraud. Business Fraud, Handwriting Analysis, Handwriting Examination, Identity Theft, Recordings Examination Recordings Analysis, White Collar Crime California […]

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Braden Perry

Banking, Cryptocurrency, Fraud, Securities and Investments, White Collar Crime AML, Anti-Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy Act, Banking Fraud, Bitcoin, CFTC, CFTC-Reparations and Administrative Actions, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, CME, Commodities Trading Advisors, Commodity Futures and Options, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Cryptocurrency, Derivatives, Fiduciary Duty, International Investigations, National Futures Association, Precious Metals, Regulatory Compliance, Reparations & Administrative Actions, […]

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