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Robin D. Franks, MS, PG, CHMM, RSO

Environmental, Indoor Air Quality Air, Asbestos, Building Sciences, Estimating, Fires, Floods, Fuel Storage Tanks, Groundwater, Hazardous Waste, Industrial Hygiene, Lead, Loss Modeling, Mold, Oil and Gas, Organic Vapor, OSHA, Real Estate Assessment, Remediation Design, Respiratory Protection, Risk Assessment, Safety, Soil, Testing Texas […]

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Tim Coleman, PhD

Environmental, Meteorology, Weather Accident Reconstruction (Weather), Atmosphere, Damage Analysis, Flood, Fog, Hurricane, Insurance, Rainfall, Slip and Fall, Tornado, Visibility, Weather, Wind Alabama […]

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Randy D. Horsak, PE

Environmental, Environmental Engineering, Hydrology Ecological Risk Assessment, Engineering/Environmental, Environment, Flood Litigation, Flood/Hydraulic Engineering, Gas, Gas Plants, Geologists, Groundwater, Groundwater Contamination, Hazardous Waste, Hazardous Waste Engineering, Hydraulic Litigation, Hydraulic Systems, Hydraulic/Flood Litigation, Hydrogeology, Hydrology and Groundwater, Toxicology Texas […]

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