Kristine Shields, MHA MSN RN LNCC

Homewood, Illinois

General Specialty

Correctional Healthcare
Hospital Risk Management
Legal Malpractice - Immigration
Legal Nurse Consulting

Specialty Focus

Accreditation Standards
Ambulatory Services
Correctional Healthcare
Emergency Medical Services
Hospital & Medical Ethics
Hospital Licensure
Hospital Quality
Hospital Risk Management
Hospital Safety
Medical Staff Credentialing
Occupational Health
Outpatient Services
Pre-Hospital Health Care
Regulatory Compliance
Risk Mitigation

Primary Areas of Expertise

Emergency Department Operations and Standards

I am a registered nurse and healthcare executive with over 30 years of experience in improving patient safety, experience, and clinical outcomes. I have business acumen and an in-depth understanding of hospital operations, regulatory compliance, and accreditation. My experience is in prehospital and emergency nursing, short-term and long-term acute care hospital administration, consulting, provider practice management, and ambulatory services giving me a diverse and broad knowledge base in both clinical and executive level operations.



  • Medical record review, summary and analysis
  • Medical record chronology of relevant facts
  • Interpret medical terminology and procedures
  • Prepare medical specials
  • Identify and recommend potential defendants, key witnesses
  • Identify and evaluate potential experts
  • Evaluate mechanism of injury
  • Assess causation, damages, contributing and/or mitigating factors
  • Review case documents, complaints, 622 reports, pleadings and motions
  • Understand what is at-issue and the legal strategies used by attorneys
  • Prepare for interviews and depositions
  • Prepare interview questions, key points
  • Attend and report on independent medical examinations (IMEs)
  • Assist in the development of Life Care Planning
  • Research and integrate relevant medical and nursing literature from authoritative sources in support of the medical facts and issues.


Practice Areas:

  • Personal Injury
  • Medical malpractice
  • Product liability
  • Toxic tort
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Risk management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Forensic/criminal
  • Medicare set-aside



  • Masters in Healthcare Administration
  • Masters in Science of Nursing
  • Registered Nurse



  • Prehospital care
  • Emergency department nurse
  • Short-term acute and long-term acute care hospital administration
  • Hospital quality, safety, and risk mitigation
  • Patient flow and Throughput
  • Process Improvement
  • EMR and data footprint
  • Hospital licensure, regulatory compliance, and accreditation standards
  • Medical Staff credentialing
  • Independent provider practice management
  • Ambulatory and outpatient services
  • Occupational Health
  • Correctional Health



  • MHA
  • MSN
  • RN
  • Legal Nurse Consultant Certified
  • CPHQ- pending
  • NEA-BC pending

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