Dr. Don Keysser, DBA, CM&AA

Bloomington, Minnesota

General Specialty

Investment Banking

Specialty Focus

Commercial Banking
Credit Review
Credit Review and Financial Analysis
Defaulted Financings
Economic Development
Financial Analysis
Financial Damages
Financial Damages and Valuation
Financial Modeling
Financial Services (Financial Management Systems)
Financial Valuation
Interim CFO services
Investment Banking
Investment Banking and Project Financings
Partnership/Shareholder Disputes
Project Financing
Shareholder Disputes
Standards of Care (Business)
Standards of Care (Finance)
Standards Of Care and Practice In Banking

Primary Areas of Expertise

Business Finance & Investment Banking

Primary Areas of Expertise:

  • Financial Damages and Valuation
  • Defaulted Financings
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Investment Banking and Project Financings
  • Standards Of Care and Practice In Banking
  • Commercial Banking
  • Credit Review and Financial Analysis
  • Economic Development


Don Keysser, Managing Principal of Hannover, provides expert witness services for civil and criminal litigation, in the areas of (see case studies and further explanation below):

  • Standards of care and practice in investment banking, project financing, credit review and analysis, and underwriting and sale of securities
  • Investment banking (municipal and corporate)
  • Project financing
  • FINRA, SEC, and MSRB regulations and rules
  • Corporate valuations
  • Due diligence and disclosure
  • Financial damages analysis and computing
  • Credit review and analysis; credit rating
  • Commercial lending and leasing
  • Financial analyses, cashflow proformas, and feasibility studies
  • Credit Damage Measurement
  • Business finance; fraud and bankruptcy
  • Business development and capital planning



  • Doctorate of Business Administration in International Finance/Business
  • MBA in Finance
  • MAPA in Urban Economic Development
  • BA in Political Science/Economics



  • Served as senior investment banking on over 250 financings for total volume of $3 billion;
  • Managed investment banks and consulting firms;
  • Professor of finance for 17 years, teaching MBA courses in Corporate Finance, International Finance, Financial Institutions, Government Finance, Financial Modeling, Managerial Accounting
  • Engaged in international trade development between US and EU;
  • Served as expert witness on 47 cases to date, nationwide, in civil cases on financial matters;
  • Published author



  • Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor (CM&AA)
  • Minnesota real estate license


Additional Information:

  • Over 40 years experience as investment banker and business finance consultant;
  • Formerly Managing Director at Dain Bosworth and Senior Vice President and Principal at Miller & Schroeder Financial;
  • Served as expert on 43 cases to date, nationwide, on litigation concerning financial matters;
  • Professor of Finance at Saint Mary’s University and Senior Lecturer at Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota; teaching for 17 years;
  • Published author (two research articles published, and textbook on investment banking in process, with signed publication contract);
  • Experienced in international trade development, US-EU;
  • Board directorship positions;
  • US Navy veteran (intelligence analyst)





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