Dianne Peterson

Cookville, Tennessee

General Specialty

Document Examination
Document Examiner
Documents and Handwriting
Forensic Handwriting

Specialty Focus

Accounting Ledgers
Altered or Deletions to Documents
Anonymous Letters
Defamation of Character Letters
Disputed Contracts Suspect Documents
Forged and Altered Checks
Forgery Conviction
Handwriting Analysis
Handwriting Identification
Identity Theft
Land Deeds
Last Will and Testament
Life Insurance Beneficiary Change
Medical/Dental Entries
Power of Attorney
Real Estate Transfer
Signature Forgery Victimization
Signature Verification
Threatening Letters

Primary Areas of Expertise

Forensic Handwriting and Document Examination

Ms. Peterson is an independent, privately trained, Court Qualified &Certified Forensic Document Examiner, CFDE and Forensic Handwriting Expert. She has been examining questioned document cases for over 10 years. As a handwriting expert, Dianne has rendered over 500 opinions on questioned document cases both nationally and internationally. Ms. Peterson and her staff will be sure to handle your case with the utmost quality and integrity within the industry.

Forgery is the process of making, adapting, or imitating objects, statistics, or documents with the intent to deceive impose a legal liability with the intent to prejudice, damage, or defraud. Document examiners/Handwriting Experts do not offer an opinion of forgery because forgery includes the intent to defraud. Only the trier-of-fact can make a determination regarding intent. The document examiner/handwriting expert will determine the authenticity of the document and will testify in court to support their opinion.



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