C.J. Abraham, PhD, P.E., DPE, JD, FRSC, FTI, DEE, IH

Great Neck, New York

General Specialty

Accident Investigations
Accident Reconstruction
Athletics and Recreation
Failure Analysis
Industrial Hygiene
Slip Trip and Fall
Sports and Recreation

Specialty Focus

Brain Injuries
Fires & Leaks
Fires and Explosions
Foam Pits
Human Factors
Industrial Hygiene
Industrial Hygiene and Mold
Inflated Activities
Manufacturing Defects
Overcoming Waivers
Personal Injury
Playground Accidents
Product Designs
Product Liability
Protective Head
Retail Stores
Risk Analysis
Safety Engineering
School Liabilities iPhones – Explosions
Trampoline Facilities
Trips & Falls

Dr. Abraham is a licensed P.E. and a Senior Member and a Diplomat in The National Academy of Forensic Engineers. Over the last 45 years, C. J. Abraham has created warnings and instructions for many products and protocols applied and used worldwide. He has consulted to major news channels, NHTSA, OSHA, NIOSH, State of California (CaITrans), Microsoft, New York Transit, Queensborough Bridge Authority, Department of Agriculture, the Federal Government, office of the United States Attorney, State Attorney General’s Offices, and municipalities throughout the United States, Canada and Europe in a variety of technical areas.

Dr. Abraham is also the author of over 120 publications and presentations. His current interests are in the areas of head and brain protection in sports and recreation and personal injury accidents and litigations. In addition, he is also involved in the reconstruction of all types of sports injuries in a large variety of recreational and sports activities, amusement parks, sports facilities, as well as accidents involving a variety of products and vehicles. His background may be found at www.scientificadvisory.com. He has also invented and commercialized many products.

In the past, Dr. Abraham was a United States representative to the International Standards Organization (ISO), a member of the Executive Board of the Hockey Equipment Certification Council (HECC), a member of the Safety and Protective Equipment of USA Hockey. He has also been an active member of the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) from 1964 to the present time participating in the creation of safety standards for all types of recreational activities, sports and a variety of products. He is also a Diplomat in Sports and Recreation. As a result of Dr. Abraham’s involvement in personal injury and litigation cases, many products, including recreational and sports activities, have been made safer.

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Extensive experience in the identification, elimination and control of hazards to people and property. This includes the development, establishment, manufacturing, construction, assembly, testing, operation, training and procedures including manuals, environmental engineering and industrial hygiene, warnings & instructions for consumer and industrial products.
Authority in the fields of products liability, OSHA, Labor Law (Industrial Code), architectural safety, safety engineering and construction accidents.



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