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Accident Investigations
CCO Certifications
Compliance Evaluations
Crane Operations
Equipment Inspections
Legal Services
Personnel Evaluations

Specialty Focus

Aerial Lifts
ANSI Standards
ASME Standards
Cranes / Hoists / Lifts
Military Standards
Mobile Cranes
Mobile Elevating Work Platforms
OSHA Standards
Overhead Cranes
Pedestal Cranes

Primary Areas of Expertise

Hoisting Industry



Accident Investigation

Expert Witness Testimony

Services to the Legal Industry

CICB offers highly-qualified personnel who can provide crane and material handling expertise when you need it most.

CICB has an extensive history of working with plaintiffs, defense and prosecuting attorneys involved in cases pertaining to corporations and small business, construction and sign companies, operator negligence, equipment failure and wrongful death.

All services are tailored to meet each client’s situation and individual needs. We will work with the owners, users, insurance providers, attorneys or other organizations to determine the cause of an accident.

Crane, Forklift and Rigging comprehensive investigations include accident site visits, photography, witness/participant interviews, collection of all pertinent data, and lab analysis of suspected failed components.

Resumes and References are available upon request.


Office Locations:


4738 Homestead Road
Houston, TX 77028

11112 Boggy Creek Road
Orlando, FL 32824



Our inspectors have performed over 100,000 inspections on equipment utilized in nearly every material handling application in the United States and abroad.
Our instructors have presented more than 5,600 training programs to thousands of individuals in locations around the world.
No other company has provided these services longer, or with a higher level of commitment and recognition than CICB.
Our expert witness team is highly qualified with 34+ years of individual experience in the lifting industry



Accredited Practical Examiners, Operators, and Inspectors
Bob Pike Train-the-Trainer Certified
Accident investigation has been a core competency at CICB from the beginning



NCCCO Certified Operators, Riggers, Signal Persons, Lift Directors, and Crane Inspectors
Senior Instructors and Inspectors are Federal OSHA accredited as Maritime Crane Surveyors
Received continuing education within core competencies as hoisting subject matter experts

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