Anna Feldman Vertkin, MD

Santa Fe, New Mexico

General Specialty

Internal Medicine

Specialty Focus

Chronic Intractable Pain
Eating Disorders
Functional Bowel Disorders
Gastroenterology Endoscopy
Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Internal Medicine
Psychosomatic Medicine

Primary Areas of Expertise

Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine

Dr. Vertkin earned her MD degree and residency from Baylor College of Medicine. She completed her Fellowship in Gastroenterology at Stanford University Medical Center. She has been a research consultant for Lilly Laboratories and a Principal Investigator for many leading pharmaceutical trials.

She has extensive medical-legal experience nationwide including medical file reviews and integration of the medical expert’s testimony in several disciplines.

♦  FCVS and VETPRO Certified

♦  Licensed in Multiple States

♦  Expertise in Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine

In addition to conducting efficient and productive upper and lower GI endoscopic procedures, Dr. Vertkin has developed skills and a dedication to attending to multi-symptomatic, chronic and often intractable patients.

The long-term care and management of these patients, many who also present with psychiatric symptoms, is challenging and has required Dr. Vertkin to acquire special training and understanding of psychopharmacology.

Dr. Vertkin has acted as an expert in several cases over the years although she is not a full-time witness. Please contact us for case availability.

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